Come In. We Are Open.

It was a bold step towards a vast unknown.  My feet were warm, but the water was definitely cold.  I find myself haggardly awake sometimes, at three in the morning, worried of what I might’ve missed.  My mind’s constantly turning and churning ideas around.  They come and go as they please nowadays, not bothering to knock, not bothering to let me know when they’re out on their way never to return.  I am overwhelmed with the plethora of ways to go about it, things to do to be a success.  I wonder what difference it would’ve made had I chosen to get into this ten years earlier?  Five years?  The current has changed its direction; the moon seems to have abandoned its tides.  I’m swimming against the raging current, and I feel a need for a lungful of air, when all I can manage is but a quick, unsatisfying gasp.

The funny thing is I love it all.  I love that random  urge to be up at 2 am to write down that creative thought.  I love that incessant need for more knowledge, to learn more of what I never thought I’d ever be interested in.  I love that passionate drive to become more creative, more imaginative, to be better than the established competition, to be expert enough to bend the rules.  It’s a fire sparked, for sure, and I haven’t felt this feverish feeling in a long time.  I’m loving every simple challenge of every single day.  I think I’ve found my niche; I think this is it.

As of November 14, 2013, I’ve officially become a business owner.  I don’t think there’s any going back after a taste of this mess of goodness.  I’m hooked.