10 Best Relationship Types

Besides the small percentage of the world that practices common polygamy, people are really subject to be engaged in a couple-type relationship at some point in their lives.  Even religious ministers or those who devote themselves to some parochial standard see themselves as having a partner in God himself.  In your lifetime, you might’ve been involved in one, two, or even more out of this list.  It’s interesting to see how we categorize ourselves among our peers whether in comparison or not.  Here’s just a fun way to look at how we see ourselves as couples in a relationship.  Enjoy!

  1. The Book Lovers.  They quote Vonnegut when they’re pissed.  They shower each other with Shakespearean compliments on a good day.  When they cuddle, it’s with a book and not each other.  They don’t talk much.  But when they do, they talk about the latest novel they’ve read.  A good date for these lovers consists of sitting on the floor at Barnes and Noble, surrounded by their favorites, sipping a macchiato, and perusing titles they’ve missed.couple-reading-books
  2. The Ones Who Love To Eat.  The main question these lovers ask is, “What’sfor dinner?”  They know all the best places to eat in town, and whenthey take trips, they go on “food trips.”  They take photos of everything they’re about to consume and make sure that the social world knows about it.  They have member cards to their favorite restaurants and know all the specials from Monday to Friday.  A good date is nothing but a nice meal at a restaurant they haven’t been to…..in a while.1058915.large
  3. The Risky Types.  When you’re risky, you’re risky with everything.  They’re the adventurous type; the ones who like to go 90 on a 45 mph street.  They constantly compete with each other as to who can do the more dangerous thing.  They’ll eat frog legs.  They’ll jump out of planes.  They’ll go hiking on an unmarked trail with nothing but a compass and some jerky.  A good date for this couple is a neck-to-neck speedway race around the track.  Maybe with no helmets on.Jumping Into the Sea
  4. The Theatricals.  They just suddenly burst into song.  For no apparentreason.  Actually, they speak in songs.  Overly dramatic, their clothes mostly often match.  They’re sponsors at the local opera house, and they would pay their membership fees first before they pay their student loan amassed from the theater degree they got from Yale.  Yes.  They went to Yale and got degrees in theater.  A good date for the theatrical couple is a trip to see an off-Broadway show, in which one of them is actually acting in.valentines-18c648d5415d75f1b9c3abc3d26487acf426146e-s6-c30
  5. The Smarty Pants.  They like playing trivial board games because theybeat everyone else.  They have the latest technological gadgets and know when the next upgrade’s coming in.  These smarty pants go to school “just cause” even though they already have three PhDs and two MBAs between the two of them.  They constantly correct each other and hold political debate night for their equally smarty friends.  A good date is staying in and working together on their Coursera classes that are, just ’cause, on track for unnecessary certification.couple
  6. The Nightlife-ers.  They party hard.  All night.  Tuesdays to Sundays.  The social butterflies that they are, they’re in every VIP list they can get in to.  They like the occasional switch up.  So instead of going to a regular bar or club, they go to someone’s party.  They don’t even really like to dance; they just like to mingle.  At night.  A good date for the nightlife couple is a good day spent shopping for what they would wear that night.red-flush-vip-couple
  7. The Nomads.  They’re neither here nor there.  They’re everywhere.  One day you’ll just see a random Facebook post from Aruba, and then next day, you see them posting photos from Jamaica.  Then all of a sudden, they’re in Bermuda.  Traveling literally makes their world go ’round, and they hate to travel without the other.  A good date for these two is a dinner on top of the Eiffel tower, on top of a mountain somewhere, or just anywhere…on top of the world.0-cover-640x410
  8. The Couch Potatoes.  They love to lounge.  The television is their third wheel.  They’re also known as homebodies.  They don’t go out much.  They have three, maybe even four, external hard drives amounting to a terabyte each full of movies and shows they don’t even get to watch.  Our couch potatoes have watched “Lost” several times and still gets shocked every time Juliet dies.  A good date for this couple is nothing but a nice On Demand rental with a bowl of popcorn to devour while sharing a double Snuggie.lau022_blue_double_slanket
  9. The Emos.  They write each other songs and not the “lucky I’m in love with my best friend” types.  They tend to get unreasonably jealous over silly things.  Say, for example, the girl somehow found a new pet cat; guy becomes way too miserable because he isn’t getting the affection he used to get.  So he writes a song about it.  The emos wear their emotions on their sleeves and also think that the world is really against the two of them.  A good date for this couple is nice picnic by the beach during sunset where they each have their own guitars, and they take turns belting out sad tunes for each other.cute-couple-guitar-play-boy-girl
  10. The Workaholics.  These guys are crazy.  It’s hard to imagine how they even keep up with a relationship.  They literally have to pencil each other in.  They make up for it by buying each other stuff with all the money they each make on their own.  They’re powerhouses, and neither of them take no for an answer.  So it’s either they are super compatible that they agree on absolutely everything, or it’s never going to work.  A good date for our workaholics involve some type of lavishness…like a yacht and an extremely expensive bottle of wine, cruising over the Pacific while they both answer emails on their Blackberries.bigstock_Couple_Working_On_Laptop_3989992

Stay tuned for the next installment of relationship types!

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Author: Jennifer Longinos

I'm a freelance writer and a homeschooling mom of two awesome toddlers. If we aren't out on an adventure, we spend most of our days tickling each other on the bedroom floor, making things explode in the kitchen, jumping on piles of laundry before and after washing, or just doing random little things that make life absolutely worth it.

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