On Change, Part 1

Do people change?

Not from wanting a certain type of car or switching a career in medicine to that of music.  I’m talking about a deep-rooted change, one that sits beneath the psyche.  A change that resonates and rattles the bones of one’s being.  Morals.  Values.  Core personal beliefs.  Your internal being.  Your inner self.  Can you really change?

Here’s to a journey in self-exploration in hopes of becoming a better person.  Stay tuned for Part 2.


Photo courtesy of callcentrehelper.com


Author: Jennifer Longinos

I'm a freelance writer and a homeschooling mom of two awesome toddlers. If we aren't out on an adventure, we spend most of our days tickling each other on the bedroom floor, making things explode in the kitchen, jumping on piles of laundry before and after washing, or just doing random little things that make life absolutely worth it.

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