It Could Happen To Whom?

What could happen?  2014 could.  Let me tell you how it happened.

There are two stories to tell.  The first one happened over the course of four years.  It’s a love story quite like most.  Girl meets boy.  Boy likes girl.  The plot quickly thickens, though, as we find out that boy was at the time taken by a different girl.  Separated yet still tied.  Girl was taken too.  In a technical way.  But not quite by heart.  So girl meets boy, and boy likes girl.  As naturally as the tide comes in, they became great friends.  And as friends sometimes do, girl and boy fell in love.

It was two against the ruling world.  As they automatically changed each other to be his or her better counterpart, their little bubble slowly began to disintegrate, attracting more and more people towards their growing love.  Two years.  And a little bundle of joy became the byproduct of it all.  It wasn’t all painted in tints of colors as they knew life needs a little bit of shading to highlight some type of depth.  The highs were accompanied by lows.  The lows were overcome with love itself.  Love prevailed, and another year given, another bun came out of the oven.  It’s a wondrous thing as the world eventually revolved around two little people.  Two little sets of hands.  Four round eyes looking to discover the world.

And what of our star-crossed lovers then?

It becomes of our second story to tell.  The one which happened over the course of a weekend.  Girl and boy felt a vacation was appropriate.  So they had planned on a weekend to spend in the first city they visited as a couple.  New York City.  Grandpa agreed to watch the kids.  Everything was as set as it could’ve been.  They had left in the early hours of morning that Friday to fly to Charlotte, where they were supposed to get on a connecting flight to their destination.  That never happened as the weather made a Rubik’s cube out of the air transit system.  Several tries to get to New York ended in the same fate – cancelled.  A shot in the dark to fly to Washington D.C. became the last draw.  Next thing they knew, girl and boy were on the phone changing hotel reservations as the doors of their plane closed finally to take them to their new destination.

It was a magical weekend.  The weather was beautiful.  The setting was serene as the snow fell that Saturday morning, while they watched the world turn slowly over breakfast.  They walked hand in hand with a twinkle in each of their steps, maybe as they did when they first met.  They thought of their kids and how they would flourish in a city as such.  They talked of the future with a new sense of wonder that even though they didn’t end up where they had planned, they ended up somewhere even better.

It was a magical weekend indeed, you see, because that was the first weekend they spent together no longer as girl and boy but as fiancée and fiancé.  He couldn’t wait until that weekend, so he proposed to marry her in the quiet of their home with their first-born holding the ring, innocent of what was transpiring but maybe not quite.  If there was a time when simplicity was just utterly underrated, it would’ve been that.

And that’s how my year began.  And this year seems to promise much anticipation as we look towards the day we finally can call each other husband and wife.  The future looks bright with a slate as white as snow.  And with an even brighter optimism, I wish you something just as magical.  Anything could happen.  It could happen to you, too.



Author: Jennifer Longinos

I'm a freelance writer and a homeschooling mom of two awesome toddlers. If we aren't out on an adventure, we spend most of our days tickling each other on the bedroom floor, making things explode in the kitchen, jumping on piles of laundry before and after washing, or just doing random little things that make life absolutely worth it.

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    1. ok. I’m texting you and talking to you through wp at the same time. Skills. Haha. We need a planning date! At the bookstore lol. Thanks Tash. I’m gonna text you now. Lol

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