We Tried, But Epic Fail

No.  This is not a post on negativity.

I’ll start early on with a lesson learned this weekend.  No matter how much we map out our lives, it doesn’t always work out according to plan.  This weekend was going to be all about bucket kicking.  However, I didn’t quite get to do that because of circumstances that are just out of my control.  It just happens.  And guess what?  It was still an awesome weekend.  And yeah, it’s still not over!

Friday night.

It was gorgeous at the beach.  Mike had been home from work the last couple of days due to a horrendous infected insect bite on his leg.  I convinced my mom to watch the babies for a few, so we could do a two hour getaway.  Mike brought his fishing pole and threw a couple of casts at the pier.  I sat at the beach, toes dug into the sand.  The sun gleamed a soft tint of orange and a pale blush of pink as it slowly lowered itself closer to the horizon.  I licked the salty breeze as it made the waves dance to a song so silent; it made me close my eyes.

2013-08-09 23.12.12 2013-08-09 23.08.41

Here goes mishap number one.  I wrote my message in a bottle earlier that day to be sent away.  Unfortunately, I checked the schedule too late and didn’t realize the tide was coming in.  The message and its bottle remains ashore.

We still ended up having a wonderful night.  I got some sketching in before we decided to drive further south to do some stargazing at a different beach.  The night clouds, however, beat us in settling.  Mishap number two unfolded as we drove by a starless night sky.  Since we couldn’t entertain our eyes, we decided to entertain our bellies instead.

2013-08-10 23.08.17 2013-08-10 23.07.24

The drive home enabled us some discussion on whether to do a movie marathon night or do a silent film night.  I downloaded a silent film earlier that day and managed to put it on dvd somehow.  Silent film won the draw, but somehow had to be turned off due to fatigue that just took over our bodies soon as we sat on our couch.  Mishap number three.


Movie marathon day to be exact.  Fail.  I decided on watching the Twilight series thinking we owned all the movies.  Why did I think so?  Not sure.  We only had three out of five.  That’s number four for you.  I ended up abandoning the bucket brigade, made coffee and bacon and sausage omelette, and just hung out with the family all day.  Lazily.  It was a beautiful Saturday, and it was wonderfully lazy.

We went to a friend’s graduation/going away party this weekend.  We got her a gift.  And a “Happy Birthday” gift bag to go along with it.  Yep.  By mistake.  Ha!  It was a good laugh for the night.  That’s how you know that friends have become family…when you do such thoughtless, foolish things, and it ends up being funny.  Great night with family and friends and of course, lots of great food!

Anyway, since I’ve completely failed on so many buckets the last couple of days, I figured I’d post on the things I’ve actually accomplished.

4.  Make pasta from scratch.

I was giddy with pride and joy!  My pasta turned out so delightful; I really don’t know how I ever ate or could ever eat boxed pasta again.  It was so easy to make that I ended up kneading some dough again the following night to make fresh calzone!  Evidence:

2013-08-10 22.35.18 2013-08-10 22.39.04 2013-08-10 22.41.24

9.  Write snail mail.

I did it!  I wrote to an old friend who is living in Minnesota.  Actually, I think I wrote five pages.  Ha!  She has decided to deactivate her Facebook account to concentrate on other things in life.  What a brave woman!  Also, I’m happy to report that she has received my letter!  I absolutely can’t wait for her reply.

21.  Start a family tree.

This is no small feat.  And as much hassle as I give it, Facebook actually helped me a lot with this project.  It isn’t nearly finished; I might be 60% there.  But just talking to my parents and thinking about family felt so overwhelming.  I caught myself feeling sad and wanting a reunion.  Our family is so big.  So big!  And just as awesome as it is big!  We are literally scattered all over the globe.  Actually, a few of my family from my mom’s side came for a short visit all the way from Edmonton, Canada.  I miss them.  I miss them all.

That’s that besides playing the guitar more and sketching here and there.  Maybe Sunday will be a more productive bucket day.  We’ll see.

This post is in reference to my YOTTO bucket list.


Author: Jennifer Longinos

I'm a freelance writer and a homeschooling mom of two awesome toddlers. If we aren't out on an adventure, we spend most of our days tickling each other on the bedroom floor, making things explode in the kitchen, jumping on piles of laundry before and after washing, or just doing random little things that make life absolutely worth it.

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