O That Young Love

The rain decided to take a short hiatus last Friday night.  I had a date.  No…this isn’t love in the time of…part 2.  This is just a quick weekend recap.  I know the week has passed, but it was just not the time to blog about things I did.  The week had been so busy; I needed a time to catch my breath.

Friday night was long planned.  Michael (my beloved other half) and I hadn’t done anything without the kids in over three months.  We just had a baby.  It’s really one of those things.  No excuses.  So we felt, mostly me I think, that we needed some alone grown-up time.  We dropped off the kids to grandma’s house at 6pm.  It rained the whole way there, and with the rain, we thought we were just going to end up watching a movie, but as aforementioned, the rain decided to take a short hiatus that night.  Awesome.

Behold our fairytale story.  The skies opened up to beautiful late afternoon blue.  I started getting giddy as we blasted the radio to some feel good music.  We abandoned the “Man of Steel” notion and headed towards something a little bit more of what we originally wanted.


Destination: Downtown Delray Beach

If you aren’t from Florida, next time you decide you want to visit Palm Beach County, make sure you stop by this wonderful downtown gem.  And if you are from Palm Beach County and don’t know about Downtown Delray, you ought to know.

The plan was to visit some live music venues, drink a little, eat a little, and maybe even soak our toes at the beach.  It was a little too early to really get into the scene, but it didn’t matter.  We walked on, my hand in his, to hit up our first spot.  Grandma’s had some leftover pork dish that we demolished before we left, so we decided to skip the food part for now.  We headed down to the backstreets of Atlantic Ave. to hit up one of my favorite spots: Kevro’s Art Bar.  It was early.  Like 6pm early.  There were a few people there, not quite the crowd I was used to seeing there but cool and casual regardless.  Mike has never been, so I showed him around the small indoor bar area, the big party outdoors, and the small garage that had the outside stage and the projector screen.  Kevro’s is the cultural hub of south Palm Beach.  This is where local musicians and artists and poets and the like come to have a drink and indulge in their crafts.  We seemed a little out of place with the crowd at first, but as soon as the music started, we were immediately niched in.  A local blues band gave us just what we needed: some soul to get us started for the night.  Along with the chilled shots of Patron each of us knocked back easily, the night started to feel like one of our old Friday all-nighters when the kids weren’t around yet.  We waited until the band, Two Can Blue (two, since it’s usually a duo, whom that night were accompanied by friends, lucky us!), finished their first set before we took off.  We handled a couple of beers between the two of us, talked to the wonderful duo about music and family, and left in good spirits ready to take on what was next.


What was next? We wanted a different music vibe, so we decided to check out one of the clubs, Delux, but mind you, it was only about 7:30pm.  Yeah.  The club was empty.  Wow.  See the kind of mood we were in?  We were feeling young again!  No…we aren’t quite up there yet.  I’m 29.  He’s 29.  But having children changes priorities, and going at it all night at the club is not one of them anymore.  So then we decided to go to Cabana’s, a Latin restaurant, to enjoy some music.  We both wanted some caipirinhas, and theirs were decent.  Got to the bar.  Enjoyed one each.  What?  9:30pm already?  Next thing you know, a quick glance at the watch to see 9:30pm somehow became the cue for us to head home.  Yes…we headed home at 9:30pm.  It dawned on daddy how much he missed his daughter.  Sweet…I know.  But at that point, I wanted to party still!  It had only been a couple of hours!  Don’t you worry now.  We slyly kept on.



We picked up the kids at grandma’s by 10pm.  The newborn was knocked out by then and our daughter fell asleep in the car.  We decided to hit up the infamous late-night menu of Taco Bell before heading home and continued the party with hard tacos and stuffed beef burritos.  Yumm.  Our partying sweetly kept on while spending time with each other at home, watching repeat episodes of Chopped and House Hunters.  It really never gets old.  I guess that’s when you know you’re in the right place.  We stayed up way past midnight.  Big GASP! here.  Haha!  We will have an all-nighter one day when the kids can have an all-nighter at grandma’s as well.  Surely, we shall!

Anyway, I had blast, as I always do, with the one I love.  That’s what matters the most.  He makes me feel young…always…as I’m sure I make him.  Stay young everyone!  A youthful heart and a jovial disposition is the key to beautiful and graceful aging.  As cunning as it is, time can sometimes be a friend, especially when it is shared with the one you love.

So tonight I am sharing my Friday date night with my little princess.  Time for some quality mommy and daughter adventures!  Have a great Friday folks!


Here she is again…not even noon and she wants to get at it already.  She thinks she’s 18 months going on 18 years old.  Gotta love it.


Author: Jennifer Longinos

I'm a freelance writer and a homeschooling mom of two awesome toddlers. If we aren't out on an adventure, we spend most of our days tickling each other on the bedroom floor, making things explode in the kitchen, jumping on piles of laundry before and after washing, or just doing random little things that make life absolutely worth it.

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