Home-bound Adventures

This post was going in a completely different direction before I decided to take a turn.  I think it was the tequila sunrise.

We all know the cliche: life is an adventure.  It’s supposed to be exciting, a roller coaster ride, a thrill.  Is this in general terms?  Is every single day supposed to feel like the ultimate joy ride? Does everyone look for that kind of kick in life?  Or are we, as people, just driven to want more than just the ordinary?

The extraordinary.  I always search for it.  In many things I do and feel, I want to see and go beyond.  I know the vast universe is the biggest stage, and I play a role, somehow, in giving it poetic justice.  My life is supposed to be one out of many remarkable acts.  For sure, life did not take the magical turn I thought it would.  But every single turn leads somewhere.  And where I’m at now, I truly believe, is where I ought to be.  And that is home-bound, relatively.

Home, in this context, is not a freestanding occupied domicile.  It’s more of where-the-heart-is type of thing.  I can’t just take a weekend trip to New York or a week for a road trip to the West coast.  I can’t just go hiking in the Appalachian or backpacking across Europe.  I would love to go cliff diving or learn how to sail across the Pacific.  I would love to swim the depths of the Marianas or heck, jump ship to the ex-moon of ex-planet Pluto.  Eventually, I will.  Or maybe I will not. There are multitudes of adventures to trek, and many of them are small yet equally satisfying.  Discovering a secluded beach spot or an upcoming talented author.  Realizing that Indian food is pretty amazing and finding out there’s a great hole-in-the-wall eatery next door.  Learning how to be a bartender from your own kitchen since a cocktail costs more than dinner.  Reading an old novel again and again and finding that it takes you to a different place each time.  Driving down Ocean Drive and inspiring yourself with all the possibilities of success.

I cheat on this adventure thing every day because having children, for one, is probably the biggest and craziest adventure of them all.  I learned tonight that my 18-month old loves whole wheat couscous.  Couscous!  Who would’ve thought?  It may seem humdrum but to me, that just opened up a whole can of nutritional wonders.  It’s pretty awesome!  Yes…to me, it really is.

And here is when I say that it is all about the attitude.  Take life by its horns, even with the everyday stuff.  No day should be uneventful, no hour uninspired.  If traveling, get out of the comfort zone.  If finding a career, aim for the one you hold on a pedestal.  If doing anything at all, go above and beyond and more.  See simplicity and all the hushed beauty it hides.  When loving someone, go crazy!  Let someone love you back just as wild.  Let these kinds of endeavors wrap themselves around our ordinary lives.  Ordinary, by all means, is only an expectation.  Stop.  We are all sharing the biggest stage; how does one shine?  Be extraordinary and expect only the same.

I’m a home-bound adventurer…and I’ve got the world in my hands.  What’s in yours?


Author: Jennifer Longinos

I'm a freelance writer and a homeschooling mom of two awesome toddlers. If we aren't out on an adventure, we spend most of our days tickling each other on the bedroom floor, making things explode in the kitchen, jumping on piles of laundry before and after washing, or just doing random little things that make life absolutely worth it.

One thought on “Home-bound Adventures”

  1. “My life… Remarkable acts”.. I’m taking away these beautiful words. I have just started blogging n I’m making a note on the log of this journey. Thanks .

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